04/30 Niles Canyon Railway Track Crew

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The tamper leaving the yard. The tamper forces ballast under the newly placed tie.


The Burro.


Gerald Dewitt and compatriots helping with a boiler retube on #3. I think Gerald is hand-fitting a newly-machined part.


A close up of SP 5623. I've always liked the "Radio Equipped" bit.


Two beautiful SP diesel-electric locomotives painted in the Black Widow scheme.


A view from the front of the work train. The deck is part of the bridge over the roadway, Highway 84, below.


We spent most of the time at this site, where we replaced a majority of the thirty ties replaced that day. A retaining wall about 25 feet high keeps the track bed above the roadway below--a nice distance to fall!


Here we are at mile post 32, loading away the tools after replacing ten ties at the site.

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