This is a page of stuff I have for sale in the Portland/Beaverton Area. If you see something you would like here on this page, email me at: or

Feel free to make offers on anything you see here. If you would like to buy something outside of the Portland Area, I will ship it to you 2nd day air mail provided that you pay shipping.

Current stuff for sale as of 6-4-98


(Links are pictures of the items.)

Model Number Comments Price
Epson dot matrix printer L-1000 It has an extra sealed ribbon cartridge. The cover is not shown in the picture but i have it. Parallel interface. Cable included. Drivers on the internet and on the win 95 CD, I can get them for you if you want. $20.00
Portable 2.2inch Color TV TV-470 This is a great little TV, I don't use it much so I am selling it. The only problem it has is a little bit of dust between the LCD and the plastic screen cover. When it is on you don't notice it though. You can hook up a Antenna or VCR,Nentendo, whatever to the external antenna jack it has. $60.00
386 System 2 3 - A 386 dx 25 with 8 megs of ram, 80 meg HD with win 3.1 and Dos 6.2, 256 k video card, 1.2 meg 5.25 floppy, 1.44 floppy, 2 serial ports one parallel, serial mouse, Nice case with 150 watt power supply etc. VGA 640 by 480 monitor. Keyboard too $90.00
Craftsman 3.5 HP vertically opposed lawn mower engine. ??? The lawn mower rusted out but the engine is in great shape. It has been sitting in my garage for a year now. Great for a go-cart if you use a belt and twist it 90 degrees to the axle. $10.00
Another engine ??? The neighbor gave this to me, it is almost the same as the one above. $5.00

Generic keyboard


Mac pro plus This is a keyboard made by key Tonic. The bad thing about it is that it is kinda mushy. The good thing is that it supports the mac plus and the standard ADB. Also for playing games, it will register just about every key held down at once. Go into key caps and see how many your keyboard can do before it doesnt register any more. $20.00

Genuine Apple Extended keyboard 2


M3501 All the keys work, none of them stick, this retails for $169. This is the kind that has the lever in back that will raise a leg the length of the KBD in the back to a variable height. It has a very nice feel, not too clicky and not too mushy. $60.00

Older Lacie SCSI Case


?? This looks like the case that came before the Tsunami. This one will house up to a half height 3.5 SCSI drive and it has a 50 pin to 25 pin converter inside so 25 pins come out of the case. It does not have a SCSI ID select. It has a fan. When you buy the case you get a FREE 40 meg SCSI drive, seeing as the case is worth more than the drive, I don't want it. It is terminated and is NOT scsi ID 0. You can eaisly put a X gig drive in this case. $30.00