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Software (with Key) Download 3.42 MEG
Also known as IXTV.


As you may have noticed, IXMICRO's web page is DEAD. This is because the company went out of business.  Integrated Micro Solutions (they made Mac stuff, twin turbo etc) which became IX-micro IXMICRO whatever, became nothing.

I downloaded this about Feburary of 2000 and installed it with my TURBO TV. This is a great PCI card in my opinion, it worked great on my Mac or PC. But now that the company is dead, I am not sure what people are going to do. So here I am providing a service, I am offering their software to people who own a Turbo TV or whatever. If this is going to get me into troble, let me know and I will stop. But I just installed this card on my Pentium 0.XXX Gigahertz  machine and I could not get it to work until I found the installer on an old machine. Then I hunted around for an hour trying to find the key. I realized that I was not so dumb after all and I had named a folder with the KEY information. So hopefully when you find that Turbo TV lying around and you want to instal it on your system. ( you need a PCI video card for it to still work, direct draw streams over the PCI bus and does not make it to the AGP bus, or so I think...)

Anyway, I hope this helps someone, let me know if it does.

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